Silent Wellness



  • Price: 18 000 HUF

ONLY 14.600 HUF

  • Your season ticket is valid for 30 days from the day of puschase on working weekdays. 
  • The season ticket is purchasable: from the 1st September 2016.
  • The season ticket can be purchased for our Guests over 16 years.
  • The Silent Wellness season ticket entitles to the use of 25 m swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas, steam chamber, aromacabin, salt chamber.
  • We can not accept the season tickets for the Friday Night Baths or the special events.




In the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis bath complex has been developed a new exclusive silent wellness area, which is a perfect relaxing place for everybody.
You can find this unique relaxation area inside the building of Hunguest Hotel Forrás****superior. Our guests can enter over 16 years of age, ensuring that everybody will have an undisturbed repose.
In the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis bath complex has been developed a new exclusive Silent wellness area, which is a perfect relaxing place for everybody.
You can find this unique relaxation area inside the building of Hunguest Hotel Forrás****superior. Our guests can enter over 16 years of age, ensuring that everybody will have an undisturbed repose.

Our services:

  • 25 m long swimming pool
  • adventure- and effervescent baths
  • steam chamber
  • salt cabin
  • Finnish sauna
  • infrared sauna cabin
  • aroma cabin
  • outdoor log sauna

Everyone can relax in the bathing and sauna breaks on the larga - covered with mosaic - heated resting benches and resting beds for couples. Our polite and customer-centric co-workers can help you in case of any arising questions. We can help our  guests to renew their body and soul, if they try our various wellness treatments. The wellness massages, baths and treatments are not only pampering and relaxing, but also provide refreshment at the same time, so our guests can continue their everyday life with renewed strength.


We give our guests sauna sheets and they can explore the Sauna World. During the use of our services, we offer unlimited consumption of tea or mineral water.

Tequila Seance

During the pre-sweating the sauna master sprinkles a lemon-tequila based water to the sauna stove, then the sauna master gives the guests refined sea salt to rub into their skin. Sea salt can be used as natural body scrub to firm up the epiderms, which makes the skin healthier.

Choco Seance

As against the other sessions, this seance is organised in the 45 C steam     sauna cabin. The sauna master offers chocolate to rub their body, which     slowly melts cause of the heat and gets absorbed in the skin. The cocoa      butter in the chocolate contains many anti-oxidants that prevent the          aging of the skin and improves the quality of tired and dull skin.



Olive oil Seance

After a short pre-sweating the sauna master gives the guests olive oil saturated sea salt to rub their body. While the sea salt is functioning as a natural body scrub, the olive oil gets absorbed through the pores. The oil contains similar components with the skin, it helps to regenerate it, and because of the high E-vitamin content it prevents the aging of the skin. It has a moisturizing and demulcent functions, too.

Fresh dawn seance

During the pre-sweating the sauna master sprinkles a grapefruit and eucalyptus oil to the sauna stove. The morning fresh mixture awakes the body and improves excellently the mood of the guests.

Ice seance

Due to the contrast of intensive  hot air and the freezing ice together with the sauna master's technique, it provides a refreshing impact. The sauna master put ice cubes to the sauna stove, and sprinkles menthol-eucalyptus based water to the stones. After all the master offers ice cubes to rub their body.

Beer Seance

The sauna master sprinkles a beer based water to the sauna stove. Through the beer vapour the B-vitamin gets absorbed in the skin easily. Fresh malt and nice barley odour will be all around in the sauna cabin.

Salt seance

After a short pre-sweating the sauna master offers to the guests sea salt to rub their body. We can use the salt as a natural body scrub, the rubbing helps unclog the pores by clearing away the dead skin cells and it improves the detoxification. It works together perfectly with a honey infusion.

Honey seance

After a short pre-sweating the guests salves their body with nectar. The liquid honey hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin softer.


Cooling-fruity seance

The sauna master sprinkles the mixture of peppermint, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, and grapefruit 100% pure essental oil with water on the sauna stove. This seance gives a pleasant feel of chilliness.


Good morning seance

The sauna master sprinkles a silky mixture of vanilla water to the sauna stove. The pleasant odour of the vanilla makes the morning for the perfect starting of the day, you will feel relaxed after the seance.

Respiration seance

The mixture of pine tree-, eucalyptus-, peppermint and lemon oil eases the respiring problems, and in the time of cold it increases the resistance of the immune system.


The times of the sauna seances: every day at 09:30; 13:30; 18:00; 19:00



The massage is the oldest and the most pleasent natural method for relaxing, preventing the illnesses and for prevention of the beauty and the health.

Oily massages

According to the mood and need of the guest, there are lots of compiled essential oil massage. It stimulates the blood circulation, lymph circulation and relax the musculature. The massage with the essential oils refresh the body, subserve the cleaning of the toxins. The essential oils have an effect on the skin, and also by inhalation through the lung.

  • Pampering relax massage
  • Refreshing aroma massage
  • Herbal massage
  • Grape-seed oil massage
  • Almond oil massage


Cosmetic massages

Honey massage

This method is using the remedial power of the honey, which cleanse and detoxify the body. The honey contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It effects extremely soft skin, firms the body contour and optimize the skin's flexibility.

Detoxifying coffee massage

This unique massage technique stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, optimizes the functions of the immune system. The accelerated circulation  corrects the oxygen supplements and metabolism of the under skin connective tissue, intensifies the fat burning.

Chocolate massage

The chocolate's beneficial composition moisturises and freshen up your skin, preserving your skin tightness. As it's is quite well-known  how the chocolate maximize your endorphin level, promotes to harmoniously recharge your body and soul.



We have lots of various and special treatments for our Guests, by the help of these you can easily reach the perfect level of body and soul harmony.


Pamper yourself with a pleasant wellness bath!


Stress relieving aroma bath

The variety of natural herbs' extracts and essential oils has soothing, relaxing and vitalizing effect for the whole body. It stimulates the blood circulation and release the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Furthermore the essential oils has an influence on the mood, emotional states, releases the physical and mental tires.

Refreshing aroma bath

The pleasantly warm bath with herb extracts and essential oils increases the skin soothing and refreshing effect. The  active agents can enter to the circulation through the skin or by nasal inhalation.

Dead Sea salt bath

The sea salt crystal is very high in minerals, which has beneficial effects on skin, muscles, metabolism and joints. It stimulates the cell regeneration, moisturize and nourish the skin, that will have the natural balance again.

Alkalizing Bath

This kind of bath intensifies the metabolism system, boost the immune system and consents to stop the body's acidification. It helps to clarify the pores.

Cleopatra's Bath

Cleopatra, the most popular majesty of the history, according to the legends, had a honey-donkey's milk bath every day to protect her youth. The bath contains special caseum and relaxing essential oils for the perfect body pampering and skin nourishing.



The alternative therapy expression includes all the cures, which has different method, mentality, than the remedy in a traditional meaning. It is not necessery to take a pill every time, when we have a physical or mental problem.

Let me introduce you the new way of recovery!

Craniosacral therapy

The therapy name comes from the latin crania and sacrum (cranium and sacrum) words. During the therapy the therapist acquits the craniosacral system of the stress by pulsing the spinal-cord liquid. Principally it treats the causes, not the symptoms. The main goal is afforce the self-healing system of the body. It ensures the smooth working of central nervous system, releases the stress based symptoms. Recommended for the next symptoms: sleep disorder, tooth-ache, tinnitus, headache, migraine,endocrine disorder, asthma, indigestion, depression, neck-, waist and backpain; concentration problems, stress and learning difficulties.

Ayurvedic massage


This type of massage comes from India, the masseur is oiling the problematic, painful part or the whole body. After the massage, the masseur is steaming the skin with a herbal infusion, or rubbing it with herb, salt or rice stuffed bundles.  The ayurvedic oil massages are recommended for relaxation of body and mind, as well as for stimulation of nerves and muscles



The cupping therapy is an ancient chinese form of alternative medicine, in which a local suction is created on the skin. Through the suction the skin is gently drawn upwards by creating a vacuum in a cup over the target area of the skin. It is believed by some to help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles, and connective tissues, muscle knots and swelling. The cupping can help as a beauty treatment such as cellulite pale, skin tightening, wrinkle treatment.

Face massage

The face massage is highly efficient, unique and complex treatment. It is an absolutely painless massage, with relaxing, harmonic movements. The natural body and soul regenerating capacity is improving by the calm smoothing. The masseur is energising the deepest muscles, it can boost the blood flow, adding a healthy glow while nourishing the facial muscles. It can also speed up the removal of toxins, which is responsible for the skin texture, and it tones and lifts muscles to give a youthful look. The guest can repose during the whole treatment, while the masseur is stimulating the stresspoints of the face. After all these complex treatments you will notice the result, even after the first massage.

Sole reflex massage

The reflexmassage is a holistic, energizing massage type. The reflex zone map is our body's holographic representation. Our body parts have a related zone on the sole, palm and ears. These zones are in reflex connection with the brain's projection regions, and these regions with the proper body parts. These relations are neural and energizing types. On the sole there are more than 70.000 nerve-endings. Through these nerve-endings we can affect on the central and involuntary nervous system. The massage is harmonizing the whole system. This type of massage is activate the self-healing energy, balance the energy level, stimulate the blood circulation and metabolic system. By the speeding up of the plasma metabolism, the lymphatic drainage is liven up as well. These effects are speed up the natural regeneration in our body, which means the faster recovery from the diseases.



A perfect treat for couples - escape from the jog-trot life and spend a little time together!

Exclusive romantic programs give a unique experience and relaxation for the couples.

Give it as a suprise to your loved ones, family members and friends!

Relax yourself in the Silent Wellness area and enjoy our treatments!

Private Spa

Duration: 120 min

If you would like to escape from the daily routine and spend a little time in pair, this package will be the perfect choice. A together spent time and the experience of the romantic atmosphare provides unforgettable moments.

Silent Wellness ticket for 2 persons (3 hours)
Wellness bath á la carte (20 min)
Wellness massage for two - any of our oily or cosmetic massages (50 min)
Relaxation on waterbed (50 min)
2 glasses of champagne or red wine, fruit

Private Spa Light

Duration: 60 min

If you don't have too much time to spend together, suprise your darling with a 1-hour romantic,indulging program, where you can lay close to each other and have a common experience in a soothing surrounding.

Silent Wellness ticket for 2 persons (3 hours)
Wellness massage for two -  any of our oily or cosmetic massages (30 min)
Relaxation on waterbed (30 min)



Wellness packages

Would you like to have a rest or refresh? You may feel, you need a physical and corporal novation? 
Have a look on our 1 day packages, these are especially for renewing.

Find your favourite wellness program in the Silent Wellness area!

Sunny relaxation

Have a rest after the day-by-day running and let the stress go away! Our relaxation package will pamper and relax you at the same time.

Silent Wellness ticket  (3 hours)
Stress-easing aroma bath (20 min)
Relax massage (50 min)

Sunny rejuvenation

Revival and indulgence on the highest level! Be more beautiful and enjoy with us Cleopatra's bath, then the fairy massages.

Silent Wellness ticket (3 hours)
Cleopatra's bath (20 min)
Honey massage (30 min)
Face massage (50 min)

Sunny refreshment

Fill up with our reviving wellness treatments! After a refreshing aroma bath and massage, there is a stress reliever sole reflex massage for the perfect relaxed feeling.

Silent Wellness ticket (3 hours)
Refreshing aroma bath (20 min)
Refreshing massag (50 min)
Sole reflex massage (30 min)

Sunny purification

In our stressful life there are many harmful impression, so it's really important to protect our body and get rid of these toxins. The alkanizing bath and detoxifying massage with coffee helps the purifying.

Silent Wellness ticket (3 hours)
Alkanizing bath (20 min)
Detoxifying massage with coffee (50 min)


We awaits our Guests, who want to relax in a unique atmosphere!
Please call the next number to make an appointment +36-62/566-499.